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Law Office of Marco Di Gregorio

Legal advice and representation in court

 Via Francesco Lemmi 4
00179 Roma
Tel. 929 178 85 - Fax 06 233 222 315


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Office in Rome, via Francesco Lemmi, 4 - C.a.p. 00179
Tel. +39 06 929 178 85 - Cell. +39 339 269 32 96
Fax +39 06 233 222 315


Lawyer (Avvocato) practicing in Rome, Italy, since December 1998.
Mediator (Conciliatore) of the Chamber of Commerce of Latina (LT), since 2006.


2004 – Certiifcate of advanced study and training in
Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Tulane University School of Law and Humbolt Universität, Berlin.
2002 Post graduate course in bankruptcyUnione Italiana Forense
2001 Post-graduate course in International commercial law - University: La Sapienza
1997 Post-graduate course in Information Technology law - University: La Sapienza (Rome)
1995 Degree in law - University: La Sapienza (Rome)


Protection of patentable inventions in biotechnoligies” (La tutela delle invenzioni biotecnologiche) - In Panorama della Sanità n. 22, Rome - June 9 2003.
Pharmaceutical Patents” (I brevetti farmaceutici) – In: Panorama della Sanità n. 25, Rome – June 30 2003.
The legal protection of inventions” (La tutela legale delle invenzioni) - Notiziario Ordine degli Ingegneri di Roma, n. 452, Novembre 2003.


since 2002
- Di Gregorio Law firm
General civil litigation practice. Commercial negotiation, Intellectual Property protection, Privacy issues. Responsible of a project concerning “contractual automation”, in collaboration with a Canadian company. Responsible for establishing a mediation center and services for conflict management in companies.

  • 2002 de Meo e Associati - Law firm Worked on civil law cases, employment and insurance cases and dealt with international trade law issues.

    1999/02 Studio Palandri - Pizzoli - Law firm
    Responsible for working on several civil law procedures also involving bankruptcy, insolvency and corporate law. In charge of supervising the information technology development of the legal sector of the firm.

    1995 /99 Studio Sammartino - Law firm
    Handled several civil law cases. Collaborated in dealing with administrative and criminal issues.

    Italian: Native speaker
    English: Fluent
    2004 – Advanced TOLES examination (Test for legal English skills)
    2003 – Proficiency Certificate of the Cambridge University.

A.D.R. - Analisi economica della negoziazione nelle Piccole e Medie Imprese: analisi costi/benefici
Riv. Flaminia, Luglio 2005.  (Coautore)

I diritti sulle opere dell’ingegno di ingegneri ed architetti
Rivista  "Consulting", Geva Edizioni, n. 5 Sett- - Ott. 2004.

La tutela legale delle invenzioni
In: "Notiziario dell'Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Roma" n. 452 del novembre 2003)

La tutela dei brevetti farmaceutici e l'accesso ai farmaci nei paesi in via di sviluppo
In: Rivista "Panorama della sanità" n. 25 del 30.06.2003)

La tutela delle invenzioni biotecnologiche
In: Rivista "Panorama della sanità" n. 22 del 9.06.2003)